Natural Resources

Chino Hills State Park includes many important habitats that contain a variety of plants and animals.  These pages are meant to provide an introduction to what you may see in the Park.  Click on the title in order to view the category.

TREESDiscover the array of trees found in the Park, including oaks, sycamores, walnuts, and more! SHRUBSLearn about the native shrubs like black sage, toyon, and elderberry that are found in the Park. FLOWERSSee the beautiful flowers like the California poppy and lupin that display in the Park every spring and summer.
MAMMALSSee what four legged animals you may encounter in the Park like coyotes, raccoons, and deer.   BIRDSLearn about our winged friends–like quail, hawks, and crows–all birds you may see and hear in the Park. REPTILESDiscover the snakes and lizards you may encounter on a trail in the Park.
FISHGet the scoop on the Santa Ana Sucker–a fish found only in Southern California and the Park!