Park Activities

With over 90 miles of trails in this 14,102 acre State Park in Southern California there are opportunities for all types of recreational enthusiasts.  There are numerous opportunities to enjoy this wonderful Park!

These trails are shared amongst the various visitors with the right of way hierarchy being horses, hikers, bikers. This doesn’t mean that any one group gets the whole trail, just that they have first choice on what side of the trail they are going to use.

LearningLocated on the eastern side of the Park, this new building will soon boast interpretive displays. CampingThe Park offers 20 campsites near the Rolling M Ranch, shower facilities, and restrooms! HikingWith over 90 miles of trails hikers of all levels can roam the trails and hike the hills.
BikingThere are numerous opportunities to ride throughout the Park–check out the trails on your wheels. RidingThere are plenty of trails that equestrians enjoy in the Park, complete with a Staging Area. Bird WatchingFrom Western Tanager’s to Great Horned Owls, there are a plethora of birding opportunities in the Park.