Due to the varied habitats of the Park, there are numerous opportunities to view a variety of birds. You’ll be able to see California Quail, Red-tail Hawks, Owls and other more colorful birds like the Western Tanager.

There are four basic steps to begin birdwatching.

1.  Buy a Bird Guide – this will help you identify birds in the field.

2.  Know the Calendar – different birds inhabit different areas at different times.

3.  Follow the Birders, Not the Birds – birds can be found anywhere from your backyard to the highway light poles, to the State Park.  Find a local group to tag along with to gain experience.

4. Watch for the Details – Pay attention to the markings, the season and the habitat types. More experienced birders can pick out a bird from far away and by sound — this will need to be something you work up to.