From the Horse Staging Area, you can take trails to the:

  • North: Up to Raptor Ridge which is mostly up and down single track, heading toward the entrance. About a 30-minute horsewalk to the kiosk. Wildflowers galore in Spring, coyote and hawk sightings, along with endless view!
  • Branching down is Sidewinder Trail which is a steep single track leading back to Upper Aliso and Rolling M Barn. There are water crossings and a wooden bridge. About 30 minutes to Barn. Lots of Spring wildflowers and greenery!
  • North-east: Down to Lower Aliso which is a flat service road, heading toward the Coal Canyon golf course. About 1 hour horsewalk to the end of road and back. Beautiful and scenic for deer sightings!
  • Branching off this trail is Scully Ridge which goes up. Impressive view!
  • East: Staging Area entrance to paved road. To the right heads toward Rolling M Barn, about 15 minute horsewalk away; to the left is about 10 mins. to Lower Aliso.
  • South-west: Down single track, crossing wood bridge, heading toward Rolling M Barn. About 15-minute horsewalk to Barn. From there, trail to Upper Aliso.

Other Tips:
The entrance to CHSP is a very steep and narrow, and is a one-lane in places. Be aware that you can meet horseback riders, bike riders, hikers, and other vehicles coming down. A vehicle going up the hill has right of way. There are spots to pull out to let someone pass.

After stopping at the kiosk to pay for parking, proceed along Bane Canyon Road. Watch for tarantulas in Fall, snakes in Spring/Summer, and Bob, our Bobcat, throughout the year! This main road leads to the Equestrian Staging Area. Be aware this is one lane in places. The entrance to the Staging Area is a dirt and gravel, one-lane, hair-pin road to the right and up.

The Staging Area is on a small, flat hill with no trees or bushes. It has many picnic tables with four covers. There are three water faucets, four outhouses, three trash cans, four metal hitching rails, and five pipe corrals (one large/four small). NO ELECTRICITY. Plenty of parking along with a large grass area about small arena size. There is a wooden handicap ramp, if needed.

Please clean up before you leave.